Deepak Kumar

Chief Evangelist and Research Director

Deepak is an ICT industry analyst with more than 25 years of experience in researching and analyzing multiple domains. His focus areas are strategic business and marketing advisory, sales enablement, and public speaking. He has earlier worked with IDC, Reuters, Voice&Data, and Dataquest, and is widely quoted in business, news, and trade media.

Satya N. Gupta

Secretary-General, NGN Forum

Satya Gupta, NGN Forum

Satya Gupta is a highly renowned international expert in areas such as NGN technologies, regulation, interconnection, and broadband policy. A much sought-after keynote speaker at ICT events in India, he has been Founder of NGN Forum. He is an analyst, author, advocate, and advisor on ICT-related policies, projects, and businesses.  

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He has also authored Everything over IP – All you want to know about NGN, and Bandwidth Factory – Last mile as a Managed Service.

He also serves as Chairman of Board, Bluetown India. In this role, he strives to forward Bluetown’s vision of “connecting the people living in the rural and remote areas of world.”